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Alienware Aurora R4 Review

The Alienware Aurora R4 reminded me immediately of a Silverstone chassis design. Very low and long with a curved front panel.

Above, the top of the case from the front view and back view. The front panel rotates on the horizontal axis and can lock in either an open or shut state. The ports can only be seen clearly when looking at the top of the case, from behind.

There are two USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.0 port and a headphone and microphone jack here.

The top of the case is built around a series of panels, which almost looks like the armor plating of some futuristic creature.

When the system starts, these move upwards to allow for improved airflow and the first time it happened I wasn’t expecting it, so it took me by surprise!

The front of the case has a sliding panel at the top which hides the DVD optical drive and the 19-in-1 media card reader. The movement action on this panel is very smooth and it feels as if it could withstand some long term rough handling.

The side panels are cut out from the front to back with the familiar ‘alien symbols’ highlighted across the panels.

Some of the possible colours available, as shown above.

The rear of the case is well laid out, with the power supply mounted at the bottom. There is a locking system at the top of the case, which allows access to the insides of the chassis. You can see that the sides of the case have complex little middle sections which protrude outwards. These are quite tough, but we could see them getting damage if they could caught on something and then pulled outwards.

The rear is all black, apart from the expansion slots which are left unpainted. The power supply is also silver. Both of these are a little disappointing if I was being honest as it looks slightly unfinished. The GTX580 has several DVI connectors and an HDMI connector.

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