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Alienware Aurora R4 Review

We don’t really hold the Windows Experience score in high regard, but as a quick overview of potential performance it is a decent early, brief indicator. This system scores 7.7 out of 7.9 points, held back a little by the Solid State Drive performance.

We were pleasantly surprised to see a very short list of software installed on this machine, which is very unlike Dell/Alienware. Only the bare minimum of software is installed, including a few proprietary Alienware branded applications.

A quick overview of the system in CPUz and GPUz highlights the Core i7 3930K processor which can turbo past the default clock speed of 3.2ghz to 3.8ghz. The motherboard is an Alienware branded model ’07JnH0′ Version A03 in this case. Alienware are using 8GB of Hyundai branded 1600mhz DDR3 memory which is set at relaxed timings of 11-11-11-28 @ 1T.

As with many Alienware machines, they are using custom software to let the user adjust the colours on the case. This is an identical system to that experienced on the Alienware M18x gaming laptop. There are also some thermal controls on offer, although the default configuration is perfectly fine. This detailed control panel would have made a little more sense if the system was supplied in an overclocked state.

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