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MSI AMD Fusion Platform System Prototype – world first exclusive

Rating: 8.5.

First there was the promise, that Fusion was the future. Then, at CES, AMD revealed the combination of CPU and GPU that it calls an APU. Today, Kitguru has in its lab  the world’s first AMD Fusion Platform prototype from MSI, exclusively for our reader’s delight. It is a model/concept which MSI is hoping will be adopted by system builders across the globe.

This prototype system is built within a glorious Silverstone Sugo case and features high quality Kingston memory and a Western Digital hard drive, with the centre point highlight – the new MSI E350IA-E45 Fusion motherboard.

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  • Tech Head

    bravo Zardon, this is extremely impressive, look forward to seeing new laptops with this technology. it should help battery life, especially as the power drain figures will be much lower than this in a desktop environment.

  • Tim Raymond

    Very nice, shame about the 4x port. it would give people another option to upgrade, although I suppose it defeats the purpose.

  • kOrn KE

    I love the silverstone case and its a good idea for MSI to push system builders into this, any ideas on the pricing of this system? although I guess MSI arent selling it, so its pretty hard to price. Wonder if mass market builders like Dell will market them.

  • Tri Color

    I will be building a media center around this, for the living room. its basically going to be passively cooled, so no noise. ive a desktop pc handling this and I get worried about the electric bill as I never turn things off.

  • Terry Leneight

    Wow, I didnt even see mention of this online, its been out for a week now? why arent they selling this in stores? I dont even see it mentioned on scan etc in UK.

  • John

    Intel wont be surpassed by this, not because it isnt as good, but because where is it? can you get it in systems yet in pcworld? I never saw it today when I was out. I havent seen it being promoted online? very weird…..

  • nEd

    Not sure it deserves much hype. sure its like an intel atom, but a bit better and probably takes less power, but as a desktop system, I have had ATOM before and they were frigging crap. we need laptop reviews of this to see how battery life is affected.

    if it can give me 10 hour battery life id buy one, as a desktop system? Core i3 for me im afraid, dont like things running so tight to the wire.

  • Hank

    Great article, its basically what I expected and im not impressed or disappointed, just waiting to see how it works inside the mobile environment. This is the market I think it will sell well.

    I do agree with the coverage today, are AMD even promoting this? I see it nowhere, apart from a few review sites.

  • Joseph

    A lot of work in this, good reading. thanks.

  • Mark Johnston

    Interesting to see this new platform, its a little underwhelming for me to be honest, although I do appreciate the power figures are low. Still, AMD dont seem to be focusing on it at all, so clearly they arent that bothered either.

  • Larry

    Good job AMD on the hardware. they need to really promote this. Id like to try it to see if its more responsive real world than Intel ATOM, which I never could deal with.

  • Colin

    REally nice figures considering. would love to see a quad core version for desktop. seems weird they never released it and the dual core for laptops

  • Seth

    im stunned this was out 22nd? but glad you covered it with this excellent system from MSI. I love the silverstone case, and I think the overall design idea is fab. Just a bit disappointed about the 4x slot. I am sure most people wont touch it, but still…..

  • Trey

    I like this low power technology. Its all great seeing 580s in SLI etc, but this is where the real systems are imo.

  • Lawrence

    This is going to be my next system. Will Yoyotech make something similar?

  • Ravi

    I like this build, although id probably use an external networked storage drive and put an SSD in this. it can really help transform a low powered system as it isnt hanging around on platters

  • GingerMate

    System’s good but the case is all wrong mate. Who’s got that much clearence under the telly? Needs to be in a slimline case or not at all. Aalso need to see how cooling stuff works when there’s no airflow. Does it handle it or blow?

  • GingerMate

    Forgot to say agree with ravi about SSD and sticking the big drives on nas.

  • Preetam

    I’ve been reading this site for a long time, but never commented (captcha never excepts my input, useless, and no I’m bloody well not a bot).

    Now calling the review WORLD EXCLUSIVE and etc etc got really high but you’d have done something really exclusive if you’d have COMPARED:

    Bobcat 2 cores @ 1.6GHz
    ATOM 2 core @ 1.6GHz
    Athlon II X2 2 core @ 1.6GHz

    that with undervolting for Athlon II and power consumption check and benchmarks would have made for a killer review. Well, I can dream on cant I.