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Wired2Fire Diablo Predator System review

It is important that you open the side panel before using the system as Wired2Fire pack a lot of foam into various positions. This helps ensure that components won’t move during shipping, potentially causing damage. The inside of the Xigmatek chassis is all black, which helps enhance the appearance.

Wired2Fire are using the Corsair CX600 power supply, a quality unit which retails at a very competitive price point.

Wired2Fire are using the Xigmatek Achilles CPU cooler which has met with much critical acclaim worldwide. There is a single fan mounted on the heatsink, in an exhaust position, forcing warm out towards the back of the case. Wired2Fire are using quality Corsair XMS 1600mhz memory.

The Bluray ROM drive is mounted at the top of the case, and the solid state drive and hard disk drive are mounted in the rack at the bottom of the chassis.

As can be clearly seen, Wired2Fire are certainly on top of the cable routing, ensuring they make minimal visual impact and ensuring air flow is maximised.

Removing the other panel shows the routing, hidden from view normally. No concerns with any of the decisions the company have made.

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