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Good Samaritan app could help get first responders on the scene

Political parties might fight back and forth over the merits of a nationalised healthcare system, but the fact that anyone can get free healthcare in the UK is something quite extraordinary, especially when you look at other parts of the world where even if facilities may be better, access certainly isn’t. However we also have a system that’s even more amazing than that, known as the First Responders. These individuals are designed to get on the scene before an ambulance can arrive, potentially giving lifesaving first aid when time is of the essence. Some of them are paid, many are not, but either way, getting them to the scene of an accident may get a little bit easier in the future, thanks to the Good Sam app.

As Wired explains, this application is designed to make it much easier to get hold of the 1,500+ first responders around the country, by giving users one touch access to this network of care givers.

Pressing the “call for help,” button, will immediately contact emergency services for you and will also send out an alert to any nearby first responders, who are likely to arrive on the scene first, potentially performing life saving treatment like opening airways and CPR. It won’t happen in every case, as the registered first aiders may choose not to respond (in that case, the next nearest is alerted) if they’re not the closest or simply unable to get there, but if you have the app ready, you may be able to help save someone’s life by getting them medical treatment faster than is currently possible.

The app can even work overseas, automatically dialling local emergency service numbers

“GoodSAM can revolutionise our ability to get to the patient immediately and improve outcomes. Harnessing the community for the benefit of the community,” said one of London’s Air Ambulance doctors, Mark Wilson: “Effectively what the app does is enable someone to shout for help, really loudly — even through walls — so the anaesthetist in the book shop knows that the man in the coffee shop next door is having a cardiac arrest.”

With instances of emergency health concerns like heart attacks and strokes increasing throughout London, more first responders are needed, so the London Air Ambulance is working with the developers of the app to help recruit new trainees. If you’re a doctor, nurse or have a solid background in first aid training, you can register (whether you’re from London or anywhere else in the country) over at the GoodSam app page, where you can also learn more about it.

KitGuru Says: If enough people can simply have this app handy, it should save lives. Not many applications can say that. 

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