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Razer reveals ‘Razer Cortex’ software

Razer is re-branding its Game Booster software and giving it price comparison capabilities. Razer Cortex will compare prices from reputable digital game outlets, such as Steam, Green Man Gaming, GOG and Gamers Gate to show you the cheapest price available.

In addition, the software’s ‘game booster’ section will allow you to automatically shut off background processes while games are running in order to maximise performance. You’ll also be able to record gameplay sessions and track game-time across your entire library.

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The software is currently in ‘early access’, you have to sign up and wait in a que before you can download it. This is so the servers don’t get flooded all at once, Razer Cortex will see its full release in a few weeks time.

Razer is aiming to make Cortex your main gaming client by grouping together all of the games on your PC, backing up your save files in the cloud and providing you with sharing capabilities.

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KitGuru Says: Razer is a popular company amongst gamers so it stands a better chance to bring users over its client. However, Steam will likely remain the top choice for most PC gamers. What do you guys think? Have you tried Razer Cortex yet?

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