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Razer reveals ‘Razer Cortex’ software

Razer is re-branding its Game Booster software and giving it price comparison capabilities. Razer Cortex will compare prices from reputable digital game outlets, such as Steam, Green Man Gaming, GOG and Gamers Gate to show you the cheapest price available. In addition, the software’s ‘game booster’ section will allow you …

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Rory Read orders FX parts refresh for AMD in October

Given that they are up against Intel, with the Tick-Tock processor delivery schedule and more FABs than McDonald’s got buns – you have to give AMD credit for trying. AMD’s CEO has ordered the launch of a faster range of FX processors before Halloween’s night is out. Is it trick …

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Can Intel’s Haswell beat AMD’s APU in 2013?

We have recently detailed a number of challenges being faced by Intel, mostly centred on ‘How do you build $7 billion fabrication plants when your average chip profit is $10?’. While there’s no doubting Core’s ‘King of the hill’ for pure CPU performance credentials, KitGuru reads the A10 reviews and …

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Compare the (2nd hand GAME) market.co.uk

If you had to line up all of the annoying advertising characters over the years and decide which one most deserved to be strapped to a table, have a small incision made in its stomach, pull out a tiny bit of intestine, attach it to a heavy weight and then …

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