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If you had to line up all of the annoying advertising characters over the years and decide which one most deserved to be strapped to a table, have a small incision made in its stomach, pull out a tiny bit of intestine, attach it to a heavy weight and then throw it out of the window – then a certain opera star would be high on most people's list. That said, the underlying principal of comparison sites is bloody marvellous. KitGuru sets aside torture for a day and checks out GAME's latest phoenix ‘r' us marketing scheme.

GAME got smashed.

KitGuru was one of the first sites to announce the issues being faced by the high street game selling giant – and we followed up with a lot of post-apocalypse analysis. That said, GAME is not yet dead and, indeed, having cut back on stores and staff, it does appear to be making a go of it.

When the Marketing Director sat with the board, he must have had one operation firmly in his sites. Computer Exchange (CEX) has created a wonderful business model on the basis that games don't really die – you just get bored with them. CEX kicked off when the world was a happy, sunny place – so the goths needed somewhere to work – and CEX's dark bowels drew them in by their hundreds.

Along with overall market conditions, the success of CEX was a huge blow to GAME – which tried valiantly to compete – only to find that the deals being offered by CEX were often better.

But GAME has some money, lots of time on its hands and nothing to lose.


Instead of simply heading to CEX etc, you can now work out what GAME will give you instead. Nice. We guess.

Would Pavarotti have approved and welcomed GAME's price comparison engine with open arms?


KitGuru says: Useful tool, sure enough, but if I was working for CEX – then I can compare my part-exchange price to GAME's in an instant and beat it by a penny… So there may be some bugs that need ironing out if this is to work properly.

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