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Android is getting an official Reddit app

Reddit is often referred to as the front page of the internet and for good reason, the site gets a ton of traffic. However, the site has had a pretty limited presence on smartphones and mobile devices, though that is set to change as an official Android app is in the works, according to Reddit's new CEO, Steve Huffman.

“I normally don’t like talking about things before they’re ready, but because many of you are asking what’s going on, and have been asking for a long time before my arrival, I’ll share what we’re up to”, Huffman wrote in a Reddit thread.


According to the new CEO, the app was actually already in the works before he arrived back at the company earlier this month and it is “coming along nicely”, although there isn't an official release date just yet. Reddit does have an app for iOS, after the company acquired the Alien Blue app last year, which was the most popular third-party Reddit app for Apple's platform.

There is an AMA Reddit app on Android at the moment, though it is purely dedicated to AMAs, rather than the rest of the site.

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KitGuru Says: Reddit is one of the most popular sites in the world so I imagine quite a few people would be interested in a proper smartphone app. Do any of you use Reddit regularly? 

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