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Pokemon Go has already added $7.5 billion to NIntendo’s value

Pokemon Go signalled Nintendo's first big step into mobile gaming and sure enough, the company is already dominating the market. Pokemon Go has only launched officially in a couple of countries so far but its massive success has already added $7.5 billion to Nintendo's market value, with share prices rising by 25 percent this week.

The game has already topped download charts in the US, Australia and New Zealand, while people in other countries have managed to work their way into the servers via unofficial means. As The Verge points out, some market researchers are already estimating that Pokemon Go has been installed on five percent of all Android devices in the US.


Obviously whether or not Pokemon Go has the legs to remain a top earning app consistently over time remains to be seen. According to an analyst at the firm ‘Morgan Stanley' speaking with CNBC, the app already made between $3.9 million and $4.9 million on its first day. The app itself needs to generate over $140 million a month to leave a significant mark on Nintendo's profits.

KitGuru Says: Pokemon Go has been a huge talking point over the last week or so since its launch and right now, Nintendo is probably quite happy with how its doing. Have any of you tried Pokemon Go yet? Do you think it has plenty of replay value?

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