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COD Ghosts claims $1 billion Day One retail sales

Call Of Duty may get slated by many die hard gamers, but it never seems to cause problems for the sales. Activision Blizzard Day One retail sales for the new GHOSTS title exceeded $1 billion, breaking records and surpassing Grand Theft Auto V which claimed $1 billion in three days sales. It isn't quite as clear cut as that however.

Forbes said ‘The $1 billion for Call of Duty: Ghosts reflects sell-in – that is, the number of copies of Call of Duty: Ghosts shipped to retailers. Put another way, retailers expect that this number of copies will provide them with a sensible balance of risk between overstock and running out of copies in individual stores.The total sell-through for Grand Theft Auto V has not been broken out, but Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick said at Take-Two’s last earnings call that sell-in was at 29 million – considerably more than a billion dollars’ worth of inventory.'

Call Of Duty Ghosts was created in a much quicker time than Grand Theft Auto V so the costs of development are much lower. GTA5 took five years to create, and Call Of Duty is on an annual release cycle – generating the company a massive revenue stream every year.

Complaints surrounding the stability of the game are very high profile. Many gamers have left KitGuru messages on our Facebook page – complaining about frame rate issues, stuttering in game and even crashing to the desktop on the PC version.

It will be interesting to see how the ‘next generation console' version will sell as reports so far indicate that the Xbox One version will only be running at 720p, and not native 1080p. The Playstation 4 version is said to have frame rate issues as well, although many people are hoping a patch will be available for release.

Kitguru says: Call Of Duty – released too quickly every year with not enough focus on the quality of the code?

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