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Gabe Newell – Steam console PC coming for home users

Gabe Newell has been speaking with Kotaku about their plans to enter into the hardware sector. We have already discussed Valve’s plans to release a console style computer for the home and this could go head to head against the upcoming Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Valve seem keen to release their own hardware and software solution, after the first reports leaked online in March this year.

Newell has said in the interview that Valve will create their own carefully managed PC ecosystem “our hardware will be a very controlled environment.” STEAM is a very popular platform, with more than five million concurrent users online and up to 50 million users a day. Xbox live to compare against has 40 million users.

Valve obviously don’t get money for any hardware sold to use their service so the move could be seen as a strong way to generate income for the business.

Newell didn’t quite say that the company were building a Linux based STEAM OS, but I think we can be safe to say that their hardware won’t be running Windows 8, after he spoke publicly against it months ago.

He reportedly said that the next big step for the company is to enable Big Picture on Steam for Linux. He is putting a lot of his weight behind the Linux platform moving forward, which can only be seen as a good thing.

Kitguru says: No information on the Valve hardware/system or release date has been released yet.

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