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Gameglobe at Gamescom

While the majority of the halls at GamesCom 2012 are filled with mega games that will cost £40 at launch and you’ll spend 3 or 4 days scrambling furiously to complete, there are also some very cool online games that are, initially, free. KitGuru feels the need to create around the GameGlobe stand.

Games like Roblox operate on the basis that you can create online gaming environments for other characters across the world. Everyone gets to meet, greet, try and – in some cases – buy the stuff you do. But the graphics are extremely basic ‘Lego-esque’.

With the backing of the Final Fantasy Gurus at Square Enix, GameGlobe promises something much more sophisticated.

The lush online game is being published in association with Bigpoint and we caught up with Senior Brand Manager Ray Livingston to find out more.

“It is simply stunning, the first time you use it”, Ray told us. “It is so easy to use that even without a tutorial, you’ll be up and running in no time at all”.

The demonstration being given on the stand certainly made things look easy, but that’s not what really grabbed our attention.

“It’s the graphics, right?”, said Ray with a grin. He’s right. They have a really smooth, polished look and feel.

“We’re now entering an age where the huge power of your local graphic card will be called into play while using online games”, he explained.

The fiscal model being used by GameGlobe is not new, essentially you use real money to buy unreal money which then let’s you buy things that don’t exist. Which has to be healthy for profit margins.

KitGuru says: The interesting hung about the GameGlobe stand was the diversity of people checking out the game and trying their hand at the interface. Young, old, Western and Oriental, male and female – everyone was represented. Now that’s the future of financially successful gaming.

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