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Gamescom sees the launch of ultimate slob-ware

When Christian Sturmberg Mut sat down with his business partner last year, he was sure that the market was missing something. At Gamescom 2012, KitGuru got a chance to sit its phat arse down and experience the CouchMaster first hand.

The concept is simple enough: You want to game for absolutely hours, in total comfort, but after a while even lifting your arms up to use your mouse becomes a strain.

That’s where CouchMaster comes in.

It is a modular game-seating system that includes arm pads, a gamer tray and a special high powered USB 3 hub that allows you to drive all of your gaming devices off a single cable.

Integrated into the arms are drinks holders, positions for fans, pouches for snacks and anything else you can imagine needed (short of a catheter).

The gaming tray that lays across the arm pads, can take any combination of mouse pads you like and the real surprise is the price.

This total comfort system will be available in stores for just £149/€179/$199

KitGuru says: We have spoken with the inventor and he’s now working on cooling integration for drinks etc. Roll on the SloathMaster 5000!

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