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Sapphire 6GB 7970 Toxic cards have NOT been cancelled

You can never have too much of a good thing, that’s what previous generations have told us. With the fastest single GPU card ever to grace KitGuru Labs, Sapphire we certainly delivering a good thing – but has the supply well dried up?  That’s the question being asked in forums across the globe. KitGuru has spoken with the horses mouth itself and here’s the reply… Nay!

At GamesCom 2012, Sapphire has a huge stand in hall 8. Pride of place on the stand goes to the world’s fastest single GPU card, the 6Gb 7970 Toxic Edition.

We asked Sapphire guru, Bill Donnelly, about the rumour circulating the web that this card has been cancelled.

Bill Donnelly: Sapphire

“Rubbish!”, exclaimed Bill with a big smile.

“Production on a card like this will always be limited, because of the tight selection process that every component needs to go though”, he explained. “To ensure that the clocks are stable at the levels our engineers have set for the top end Toxic cards, you will always be limited in terms of how many cards than make at once”.

“We think the rumour started when all of the cards made so far, sold out in every store that was carrying them across the globe”, he said. “In almost every case, the resellers put a message saying ‘Temporarily out of stock’ or ‘Pre-order only’, but one of the largest resellers showed ‘Discontinued’ instead. And that caused a bit of a panic among enthusiasts who really wanted one”.

We have no idea of her name, but yes indeed, we like!

We have been assured that production is running smoothly and that the next shipment will arrive in channels around the world shortly. In the meantime we thought a picture with a very attractive young lady would cheer you all up until you manage to get hold of one of the cards yourself!

If you missed our indepth review, then check it out over here.

KitGuru says: It’s easy to see why this card is so appealing and why it sold out so quickly, it is stunningly fast.

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