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FreeSync explained by Bill Donnelly from Sapphire

As the AMD PR machine ramps up to full speed on its G-Sync alternative, FreeSync, KitGuru spoke with Bill Donnelly from Sapphire Technology about this new option for gamers.  Traditionally, the refresh rates for screens were fixed, while the frame rate output from a graphics card would vary under load. …

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Sapphire explains why its new Toxic models are so cool

With a huge release of updated AMD products in Q4 this year, many manufacturers decided to launch with standard coolers (reference design). When KitGuru looks back across all of the new Radeons, one cooling solutions stands out – and that is the Toxic cooler fitted to the R9 280X and …

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Just how big is GamesCom 2012?

While experts on CNBC spent much of last Wednesday night discussing how likely it was that America would slip into a disastrous 2nd recession in 2013, after the presidential elections, Cologne was gearing up for the first public day of GamesCom 2012. KitGuru operatives sent back some cool shots that …

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