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Sapphire R7 250 Ultimate is the sound of silence: KitGuru TV

High end graphic cards are cool and sexy, but what if your single biggest concern is reliability or noise?  When you can't have a moving part fail or you need a genuine zero decibel count, then Sapphire's Ultimate series is one of the more popular choice. We bring Bill Donnelly from Sapphire into the KitGuru studio to explain.

With a price around £75 on stores like Dabs, the Sapphire R7 250 may not be a single slot solution or blow the latest DX11 games away, but inside a media centre PC you will get console-style gaming at 720p and all the video playback you're likely to need in complete silence. You can read our original review here and get a good look around the product in this video.

Read the KitGuru review from earlier this year – over HERE.

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KitGuru says: While the R7 250 Ultimate does a pretty decent job today, we're only two generations of GPU away from having full HD support on all DX11 games with an average frame rate close to 60fps in complete silence.

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