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Google and LG to share patents for the next decade

Google and LG have entered in to a new cross-licensing deal, allowing the two companies to freely use each other's patents, including old and new ones, for the next ten years. There's no official word on why the two entered this new partnership but there are some possibilities.

For a start, it is likely that the two companies want to borrow features from each other and this new agreement removes the chance of massive on-going lawsuits. Additionally, this deal could help Google ensure that LG doesn't start taking Android in its own direction. Google made a similar deal with Samsung to keep it from replacing Google services with its own software.


Google and LG have partnered in the past, working closely on the Nexus 5 device. LG was also one of the first companies to release an Android Wear smart watch. While LG hasn't been in a rush to stay too far from stock Android, this new deal will ensure that it doesn't.

It's good to see Google cooperating with other phone makers to share patents and help push technology and better services, rather than constantly battling things out in court. Hopefully this will lead to a more unified Android experience and better services for everyone.

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KitGuru Says: It's important for Google to cooperate with the most popular Android device makers to ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to future plans for the OS. With more of these deals coming in to place, we'll be hearing about less patent disputes and hopefully seeing better services and devices instead. What do you guys think of this? Should Google make patent sharing deals with more Android handset makes?

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