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Displayport doomed? Sapphire scientists serve notice

EyeFinity is the really neat trick that ATI Radeon HD 5000 series cards bring to the market. Forget simply stretching your desktop – why not actually support monster resolutions like 5760×1080 straight out of the box and let the gamers enjoy wrap-round, immersive shoot-em ups? KitGuru spies snuck into a Sapphire ‘special zone' at Computex's Nangang Hall and saw some stunning sights.

Until now, if you wanted EyeFinity, you had to invest in Displayport screen technology. Problem was that only a handful of monitor companies actually saw value in Displayport and the existing offers are not cheap.

HDMI works, but everytime you use it – you need to send money to Sony. If there's one thing that KitGuru has learned over the years, no one in Taiwan enjoys sending money to Sony. Displayport provides all of HDMI's functionality without the need for a royalty payment.

EyeFinity has problems with regular graphic card ports. Displays need to be timed perfectly. With existing ATI/nVidia cards, there are not enough clocks to go round. Without enough clocks, nothing works properly. The work around for EyeFinity was to use the standard DVI outputs for 2 screens and then plug in a Displayport monitor as the 3rd unit. That negated the clock issue. But hardly any KitGuru readers have Displayport. Bummer.

Sapphire scientists to the rescue!

By re-engineering a key part of the output mechanism, Sapphire can now offer a neat and exclusive solution. Each port on the back of these new Sapphire graphic cards can display part of the EyeFinity picture. With 4 ports on your card – you can support 4 screens. Excellent.

Now for the hot pics of the cool kit…

Sapphire lets you blow Lucy up as big as you like
KitGuru prefers it 3-ways, but whatever floats your boat
3D cables everywhere - not a Displayport in sight
3-Way, 3D, DX11: Exclusive to ATI?
KitGuru spies overheard Zalman experts claiming this is a first public outing for the new display. Who are we to argue?

KitGuru says: We're left cold by the 4th screen, but running games across 3 monitors is fantastic.  Well played Sapphire. With one of these new cards, you can pick up three 22″ Iiyama 1080p screens for ~£450 and make all your mates jealous. For those with even more cash to splash, check out the new Zalman 3D screens that will be available soon. These offer full-on 3D surround gaming for ATI cards. Our spies have seen it. Our spies have used it. Our spies say it works. Nuff said.

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