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Project Cars dev responds to AMD performance accusations

Slightly Mad Studios, the developer behind recently released racing sim, Project Cars, has responded to accusations that it has purposefully sabotaged the game’s performance for those using AMD graphics cards. The rumors began to spread once a post on Reddit claimed that the entire Project Cars engine was built around …

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Batman: Arkham Origins PhysX demo

It’s been a long time since people like me got excited by Ageia’s new PhysX cards, with its tech demo games like Cell Factor, but that doesn’t mean that the PhysX technology isn’t still important. Granted now all you need is an Nvidia GPU, but if you’re part of the …

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PhysX gets new outing in Hawken

Hawken is a free to play first person shooter, featuring giant mechanical walker bots, that players pilot and shoot at one another with. In the latest trailer from Nvidia, the developers show off what new effects have been added to the game with the inclusion of more advanced PhysX features. …

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