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More sites shut down comments, what’s to be done?

For a long time, certain sites and their comment sections have been considered easily-accessible, but murky parts of the internet, that few wish to spend much time in. Now, a number of high profile websites have recently announced the closure of their comment sections, citing too much management and moderation …

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Riot trialling immediate bans for toxic behaviour

Riot has announced a new temporary system that’s being trialled on each server, that will see it banning all toxic players on League of Legends, either temporarily over a two week period, or permanently if they’ve been given a warning before. Part of this is to do with a new “machine …

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Dealing with Martian dust is the next big problem

While we have plenty to be getting on with down here on Earth, with new graphics card and CPU releases, one of humanities next great steps into the universe is to put a pair of booted feet on Mars. However, one of the biggest issues with doing so, looks to …

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