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FreeSync explained by Bill Donnelly from Sapphire

As the AMD PR machine ramps up to full speed on its G-Sync alternative, FreeSync, KitGuru spoke with Bill Donnelly from Sapphire Technology about this new option for gamers. 

Traditionally, the refresh rates for screens were fixed, while the frame rate output from a graphics card would vary under load. With the benefits delivered by DisplayPort 1.2a, there are now multiple systems available that will allow a screen to change its refresh rate to match what your graphics card is capable of. Here we look at the FreeSync solution.

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KitGuru says: It clearly works, which only leaves us asking if the solution is good value. We’re told that the ‘Free’ part of FreeSync means there should be no additional cost to the gamer. But if the screens do cost more, then that’s money that could have been spent on a better graphics card – which could be less prone to shearing.

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