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Samsung adds FreeSync to its 2018 TVs

Variable refresh rate technology such as FreeSync has been a godsend for gamers everywhere, allowing for smooth gaming even with a fluctuating framerate. Samsung has been supporting FreeSync in a number of its gaming monitors for some time now, but it looks like TVs are now getting the same treatment. …

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LG quietly introduces 27-inch 4K UHD FreeSync monitor

LG Electronics has quietly added one of the most advanced AMD FreeSync-supporting displays announced to date into its product lineup. The monitor combines AMD’s variable refresh rate technology with ultra-high-definition 4K resolution, a combination not available previously. The display is about to become available in Australia. The LG 27MU67 monitor …

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FreeSync explained by Bill Donnelly from Sapphire

As the AMD PR machine ramps up to full speed on its G-Sync alternative, FreeSync, KitGuru spoke with Bill Donnelly from Sapphire Technology about this new option for gamers.  Traditionally, the refresh rates for screens were fixed, while the frame rate output from a graphics card would vary under load. …

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AMD to release FreeSync compatible drivers in mid-March

After over a year of development, preparations, testing and other work, AMD’s FreeSync technology will officially be enabled in AMD’s drivers later this month. At present graphics cards, APUs and displays supporting FreeSync technology are already available in select regions, which means that it is about time for AMD to …

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LG debuts 34-inch ultra-wide display with AMD FreeSync

LG Electronics, the world’ largest maker of ultra-wide monitors, has announced the world’s first 21:9 display with beyond full-HD resolution and AMD FreeSync technology. The unique display was developed primarily for gamers and multimedia enthusiasts, but given its unique capabilities, even some professionals may find it useful. The LG 34UM67 …

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