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AMD delays FreeSync support on multi-GPU systems

Advanced Micro Devices said this week that its FreeSync technology will not be supported by systems running multiple AMD Radeon graphics cards for a while. The GPU developer revealed no information regarding problems it ran into with its FreeSync and CrossFire technologies. The company is confident that it will be able to solve the issues.

“After vigorous QA testing, however, it is now clear to us that support for AMD FreeSync monitors on a multi-GPU system is not quite ready for release,” said an AMD customer care spokesperson. “As it is our ultimate goal to give AMD customers an ideal experience when using our products, we must announce a delay of the AMD Catalyst driver that would offer this support.”

AMD’s FreeSync technology, which dynamically synchronizes refresh rates of displays with the frame rate of AMD Radeon graphics adapters to reduce input latency and improve visual quality, is one of the key new features that many gamers anticipated from the company. At present, the technology is supported on systems with one graphics adapter, but many core gamers nowadays use PCs with two or even more graphics cards. In fact, many early adopters willing to buy new FreeSync-enabled displays use multi-GPU systems. As a result, the delay of FreeSync support on personal computers with two or more Radeon graphics cards running in CrossFireX mode essentially delays adoption of the technology in general.


AMD does not reveal any information about the problems of FreeSync on multi-GPU systems, but the issues should be solvable. Nvidia Corp.’s G-Sync technology, which does the same thing as AMD’s FreeSync, works flawlessly on multi-GPU systems, according to the developer. Therefore, AMD should be able to fix the issues with FreeSync in the future.

“We will continue to develop and test this solution in accordance with our stringent quality standards, and we will provide another update when it is ready for release,” the statement from AMD reads.

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KitGuru Says: AMD’s top priority today is to ensure that its next-generation Radeon R9 graphics cards work perfectly with current and upcoming games. Therefore, the resources it can assign to solve FreeSync issues are relatively limited. As a result, it is completely unclear when the company will actually release a FreeSync-supporting driver for multi-GPU gaming PCs. What is clear is that this will lower demand for all AMD Radeon graphics among buyers of high-end gaming PCs.

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