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MESH and others launch Bank Holiday deals

There has been a long tradition of Bank Holiday sales in the UK – a way for the retail industry to plug the promotional gap between Christmas and July. The success of any given company's offer will normally depend on the weather. Hot and sunny means a bumper spend in the DIY and gardening stores, while cooler temperatures and rain will see a boost for the tech industry. KitGuru does a quick sweep of the offers on the board.

While continental Europe sees the early May Bank Holiday as a celebration of worker's rights, the UK keeps the focus on freshness and renewal. Here's a summary of the deals we've seen, but will they be enough to see you dancing around the May Pole and refreshing your set up?

Over at MESH Computers, they have opted to bundle an MSI keyboard with their gaming series of systems, as well as including an SSD boot drive on all of their units – down to £499. We also spotted a smattering of games being bundled.

The chaps at Overclockers have dropped £50 off the price of a 27″ Samsung D590P monitor, which is now just £149.99.

Chillblast have a deal that includes KitGuru's Mouse of the Year 2014, the Asus ROG Gladius, which is being bundled free with the Fusion Viper 2 system.

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KitGuru says: While it might not be Black Friday, there is still a definite feeling that technology resellers are prepared to do a deal to stimulate sales. If you've been considering a purchase, might be worth contacting your favourite supplier and seeing if they're prepared to do a deal today!

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