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AMD driver update adds Frame Pacing for multi-GPUs


AMD has introduced a new feature for its latest driver release, Radeon Crimson Edition 16.10.1, that will be of benefit to anyone running more than one AMD graphics card. It’s called Frame Pacing and when DirectX 12 games can take advantage of it, it should make the overall experience much …

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Nvidia gets first samples of GP100 from TSMC, begins internal tests

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has successfully produced the first samples of Nvidia Corp.’s code-named GP100 graphics processing unit. Nvidia has already started to test the chip internally and should be on-track to release the GPU commercially in mid-2016. 3DCenter reports that Nvidia has sent the first graphics cards based on the …

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Nvidia changes roadmap: ‘Volta’ is now due in 2018

Nvidia Corp. has slightly changed its roadmap concerning GPU architectures. As it appear, its next-gen GPUs code-named “Pascal” are now due in 2016, whereas their successors will be released only in 2018. Based on a new roadmap that Nvidia showcased at a tech conference in Japan, the company will release its …

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LG quietly introduces 27-inch 4K UHD FreeSync monitor

LG Electronics has quietly added one of the most advanced AMD FreeSync-supporting displays announced to date into its product lineup. The monitor combines AMD’s variable refresh rate technology with ultra-high-definition 4K resolution, a combination not available previously. The display is about to become available in Australia. The LG 27MU67 monitor …

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Microsoft details cross-IHV multi-GPU tech in DirectX 12

Microsoft Corp. has revealed first details about its cross-vendor multi-GPU technology supported by its upcoming DirectX 12 application programming interface. As reported, the new tech allows using graphics processing units developed by different companies to work together. However, there is a catch: applications should be designed to support the Multiadapter …

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Microsoft confirms cross-IHV ‘AMD + Nvidia’ multi-GPU support by DX12

Microsoft Corp. has confirmed that its upcoming DirectX 12 application programming interface (API) will support some sort of cross-vendor multi-GPU technology that will allow graphics processing units from different developers to work together at the same time. Unfortunately, the software developer revealed no specifics about the tech, therefore, it does …

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