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Nvidia’s next-gen ‘Pascal’ graphics cards will get 16GB of HBM2 memory

At the GPU Technology Conference in Japan, Nvidia Corp. once again revealed key features of its next-generation graphics processing architecture code-named “Pascal”. As a it appears, the company has slightly changed its plans concerning memory capacity supported by its upcoming GPUs.

As expected, Nvidia’s high-end graphics processor that belongs to the “Pascal” family will feature an all-new architecture with a number of exclusive innovations, including mixed precision (for the first time Nvidia’s stream processors will support FP16, FP32 and FP64 precision), NVLink interconnection technology for supercomputers and multi-GPU configurations, unified memory addressing as well as support for second-generation high-bandwidth memory (HBM generation 2).

Based on a slide that Nvidia demonstrated at the GTC Japan 2015, next-generation high-end graphics cards with “Pascal” GPUs will sport up to 16GB of HBM2 with up to 1TB/s bandwidth. Previously Nvidia expected select solutions with “Pascal” graphics processors to feature up to 32GB of HBM2.

Nvidia “Pascal” highlights. Image by WccfTech

Given the fact that Nvidia does not produce high-bandwidth memory itself, but relies on supplies from companies like Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix, changes of their roadmaps can affect Nvidia’s plans. In order to install 32GB of HBM2 memory on a graphics processor with a 4096-bit memory bus, 8GB memory chips are used. While the HBM2 specification allows to build such ICs [integrated circuits], it is not easy to manufacture packages with eight vertically stacked 8Gb memory dies. As a result, such chips may be delayed from 2016 to a later date.

16GB of HBM2 memory should be enough for gaming and professional graphics cards, but high-performance computing applications could take advantage of 32GB of onboard memory even now.

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KitGuru Says: If Nvidia is not able to get 8GB HBM2 chips next year, AMD will not be able to get them as well. Therefore, expect graphics cards with up to 16GB of high-bandwidth memory from both companies.

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  • Incognito Jay

    Unfortunately that sweet 16GB is probably going to be on a Pascal Titan. Meh, whatever the GTX 1080 or 1180 has will likely be enough to play MMOs at 8k…or are performance issues there mostly a bandwidth issue? I have a 4k monitor and like DSR to get a bump up to 8k for screenshots.

    A Titan at maybe $700 would be reasonable, but hopefully if that’s the case then some third party coolers on it would be nice or even a liquid cooled solution.

  • Wanda Moore

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  • Louie Andrew Capulso

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  • gigantor21

    There’s no way they won’t charge $1000 again, considering how people keep buying them at that price.

    I’m far more interested in what they’re doing in the $300-500 range for Pascal, personally.

  • Lavante Torino

    They won’t be 16GB, they’ll be 15.5GB

  • iamherman

    GTX 1070 15.5GB scandal?

  • Lavante Torino

    Wait and see, another crippled card to push a better one that’s more expensive.
    nVidia is doing that since the GeForce days.

  • spoffle


  • spoffle

    When an X80Ti is $650, what reason is there to think a Pascal based Titan is going to be $700?

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  • lehpron

    16GB of HBM2.0 for Pascal, so then 32GB must be for the refresh of Pascal. It makes sense since Volta isn’t scheduled to appear for two years, nVidia has got to do something and people like Video RAM. 😉

  • GregoryGr

    oh wait… Does this mean that minecraft wont run with only 15.5GB of VRAM? omg god save us…

  • Lavante Torino

    Your gay son might play Minecraft, so you maybe won’t need to worry.

  • Lavante Torino

    Oh Look, another nVideeot apologist that supports lies, false advertising and shady business practices with retarded jokes.
    Your gay son might play Minecraft, so maybe that wouldn’t be a problem to you

  • xpD1

    And you support the alternative, which is……. 4 year old rebranded cards being sold for the same price each year…and 2 HBM cards that are about as exciting as the prohibition in terms performance…

    yeah….that makes you? what?

    Maybe you like heating up your whole house, so maybe that wouldn’t be a problem to you.

  • Dreadmoth

    If you want even higher resolution screenshots you can enable higher DSR factors using the tool and instructions here: http://forums.guru3d.com/showpost.php?p=5121671&postcount=3088

  • roger crouch

    yeeeah… No. Its two 768 bit processors with 4096 bit bus double-deep for 8GB per processor on interposers on the same card. No shared ram pool, no 16gb per gpu.

    Seriously people… NOTHING uses the 12GB on the Titan X even… that card is like a texture upgrader’s wet dream and I don’t think I’ve seen it ever use more than 8gb. On top of that “high performance computing” doesn’t use more ram than is native to the access method of the processing cluster. Most games are locked into the 4gb memory footprint (or even just 2gb if they’re early xbone/pay4 ports). HBM2 is 8gb at 4096 wide, the interposer would have to have 8192 to run 16GB per core – just ridiculous.

    Its a two processor 8gb per processor stooper board thats gonna cost something close to three thousand dollars.

  • roger crouch

    … how did you know he was gay? Grow up. Seriously.

  • roger crouch

    Aww, did AMD take a risk that paid off and kept your cartel from driving them into the ground using fake press releases to affect their stock value? So sad. Know what? Fiji X can run three 4k monitors with 4.1 sound on the monitors. QQ.

    Have a delightful day!

  • Boffifis1

    no it will be 6GB+10GB running at 1Kilobyte/s

  • Boffifis1

    Having more ram is like christmas

  • Roger Skullestad

    You know, people use those cards for more than gaming.. I could easily spend all that vram and more doing my work..

  • Luke Barton

    Any card that has three DisplayPort 1.2 ports on the back can do that.

    Oh, and thanks for beta-testing the HBM. 😀

  • Slam

    you mean . . . . . they are just trying to make money off us, and they aren’t a charity?!?!

    Why did noone tell me!!

  • GregoryGr

    Cool reply nerd. The tears of the butthurt amd fanboy taste delicious.

  • cyllan

    well i have win 7 home edition and 16gigs is the total it can take….and i am never moving to win 10…….a card with 6 gigs ram is more than enough…….do they think people are going to upgrade to 32-64 ram rigs???? except the professionals…etc no way

  • DarthVulva

    Why are you never moving to Windows 10?

  • cyllan

    1—-what is wrong with win 7 and 16gigs of ram that i have……games/programs dont use any of it……my task manager always tells me i have 8/10 gigs MINIMUN free ram….even after playing games……the devs dont know/want to multi thread…pc games all come unfinished for years and that is why they are not optimized
    2—- i have an overcloked pc 4.5gh ivybridge i7 …..it doesnt feel any faster than older cpu
    3—- i read reviews of people already……
    4— i dont want to reinstall all my programs and drivers again
    5—what do i need another windows for?????? it still doesnt play BLUERAY on win 10.
    6– i bought vista…. my printer went to the toilet god knows what will be compatible this time
    7—maybe in 5 years…….who knows…..maybe……i dont hate windows….. i dont use mac or linux……cos of the games ……
    8—-16 gigs of ram should be enough to play games…….a 780gtx 4 gig ram should be enough……the biggest games have 30gigs hard drive needs…….16 gigs of ram memory plus the 4 of the card should play everything.

    9— i dont want more gigas of windows OP on my system…….i already have 70+ processes open in win 7 and i have few programs….and never more than 2-3 running together
    thanks but no thanks

  • Daniel

    I just switched from 7 even though I didn’t really want to, and I could never go back now. I have better performance, So many driver bugs I had in 7 and completely gone now. It really is a better OS overall. I couldn’t use the upgrade feature as I changed a lot of hardware and wanted to move to the GTP Partition style and UEFI bios. So it had to do a clean install. It was totally worth having to install all of my software again though. Haven’t had a single problem.

  • Matt Gerber

    No, if this is accurate then they will have 16GB (approx), 512MB will be reserved for system use. So the cards will have 15.5GB usable.

  • Matt Gerber

    Learn to read please.

  • Matt Gerber

    No, if this is accurate then they will have 16GB (approx), 512MB will be reserved for system use. So the cards will have 15.5GB usable.

  • Tommy Pearson

    I upgraded to a Z170 I7-6700K

    32GB TridentZ 3200mhz you are right not everyone will upgrade but not going to Windows 10 is foolish you will simply get left behind on the gaming

    It’s like instead of helping yourself your shooting yourself in the foot windows 10 is optimized and baked for a better gaming experience if you have Gsync even better

    I have a ROG Swift and i tell you all of it makes a big difference

  • Peter Den Gamer

    why do you think the new m2 SSD’s have 3x faster read when using win 10? Windows 10 has privacy issues… Almost everyone can use your SSD to read your online background information.

  • Stylinred

    My dad didn’t want to move out of Windows 7 either, so I just installed Windows 10 on his computer anyway. He was mad at first, and I told him he could revert back to Windows 7 if he didn’t like it (Windows 10 has that option open for you) he decided that he liked Windows 10 and didn’t turn back. Maybe you could give it a try too?

    You won’t have to reinstall any programs or drivers, Windows 10 is such an easy upgrade, unlike the older versions, well you’ll have to update Kaspersky to the latest version, that’s it..

  • Stylinred

    what? just turn all the ‘privacy issues’ off… you get that option during the install process…

  • Peter Den Gamer

    Didn’t you know? Even when turning all those things off, microsoft still has access to your HD/SSD :p

  • Intars Abols

    God forbid they will see your hidden stash of porn!

  • stratdragon

    “NOTHING uses 12BGB” is an astoundingly incorrect statement and an entirely flawed assumption,

    VRAM is essential for GPU rendering, CAD, 3D animation, etc. Nvidia has developed its own toolset for this as well, high end CGI will devour 12GB of VRAM like it’s not even there. If anything CGI artists require a lot more bandwidth than what is currently out there (SLI and multiple cards do not extend VRAM only CUDA cores at this time)


  • UseLogicNoob

    Very mature right there, pal.

  • Kay

    Your a AMD fanboy who’s been but hurt hardcore. Are you sure you’re not the gay one. Like roger crouch said “Grow up”.

  • Kay

    Bravo, Bravo, Very well said.

  • Kay

    Hahahahahaha, nice one hilarious, it seem’s Lavante Torino is but hurt hard core bloody AMD fanshit boy. Go troll elsewhere.

  • Kay

    And what has AMD been doing, just rebranding card’s over and over again to rip off fool’s like you. I’m waiting for the Pascal myself but if AMD come olut with a better card then i might buy that but to tell you the truth i have owned 2 AMD gpu’s which the first one did not last 6 month’s and when i received a replacement that went bang after 18 month’s but also had 4 Nvidia gpu’s which i have never had a problem with and i still am running a gtx 680 on my pc right now, so from my experiance Nvidia seem to produce more durable and reliable card’s than AMD.