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AMD updates GPU roadmap for 2016-2018

AMD has updated its roadmap for Radeon graphics card launches over the next two years, revealing some interesting bits of information. For starters, Polaris is still on track to launch this year, but we apparently won’t be seeing HBM2 feature on an AMD GPU until the Vega architecture releases in …

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Samsung begins mass production of HBM2 DRAM

Samsung has announced this week that it has begun the mass production of its 4GB DRAM based on the HBM2 interface. These chips will be used in upcoming high-performance computing, advanced graphics and networking products and is said to be seven times faster than the current DRAM performance limit. In …

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AMD rumoured to be using GDDR5x on new 14nm GPUs

Recently, we have been hearing quite a bit about GDDR5x, with rumours suggesting that Nvidia intends to use it in addition to HBM2 on its Pascal graphics cards next year. Now it would seem that AMD is also planning a similar move, with GDDR5x rumoured to appear on its new …

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Nvidia gets first samples of GP100 from TSMC, begins internal tests

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. has successfully produced the first samples of Nvidia Corp.’s code-named GP100 graphics processing unit. Nvidia has already started to test the chip internally and should be on-track to release the GPU commercially in mid-2016. 3DCenter reports that Nvidia has sent the first graphics cards based on the …

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Nvidia changes roadmap: ‘Volta’ is now due in 2018

Nvidia Corp. has slightly changed its roadmap concerning GPU architectures. As it appear, its next-gen GPUs code-named “Pascal” are now due in 2016, whereas their successors will be released only in 2018. Based on a new roadmap that Nvidia showcased at a tech conference in Japan, the company will release its …

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AMD started to work on HBM technology nearly a decade ago

The high-bandwidth memory (HBM) introduced along with AMD’s code-named “Fiji” graphics processing unit radically changes the way graphics adapters are built and also dramatically improves potential performance of future graphics processing units. But while HBM looks ingeniously simple on paper, it was extremely hard to develop and is not easy …

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