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Hackers tell Sony, you can’t ban our Playstation 3

Yesterday we reported that Sony were set to ban people who were using modified Playstation 3’s. Hackers have already responded with claims that they have an immediate workaround so Sony can’t ban them.

According to Destructoid, the hackers have a system to adjust the unique identifier of the console which means that it changes the identity of the device on Sony’s network. As the banning system Sony are putting in place will rely on the console’s unique identifier, it means they have no way to kick people off the network.

Sony aren’t having a great year so far, and it actually means that innocent users could be banned from the network. If a hacked user identifies his or her console with another unique identifier, and this number matches a legitimate user, then they will be banned from the network, permanently. Obviously the hacker would need to know the unique identifier of the innocent person, but it is clearly possible.

KitGuru says: Will Sony be able to combat this system? It seems unlikely.

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