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Insider info: Walmart interested in troubled GAME Group

Regular readers of Kitguru will already be aware that GAME Group have been facing some tough times in the current economic climate. Giant online retailer AMAZON and the STEAM software client have been killing their retail sales. We recently reported that they are facing a crisis as some suppliers are refusing to work with the company.

We spoke with an industry insider this afternoon who has said that Walmart are sitting down with the GAME Group to see if they can work out a deal on some level. Walmart is an American multinational retailer who run huge chains of discount department stores and warehouse stores. They have 8,500 stores in 15 countries under 55 different names. In Mexico they operate under the name Walmex and in the United Kingdom as ASDA.

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Their interest in GAME Group may be to incorporate them into their brand name and back the supplier chain with a huge influx of cash.

GAME Group have been struggling to match the prices of AMAZON in recent years which had led to a decline in high street sales. Valve’s ever popular STEAM client also provides an easily accessible system for downloading and maintaining a full portfolio of titles without needing to hunt for optical discs.

Kitguru says: Game Group are in serious trouble right now and Walmart may be in a position to save the company from total disaster. More info as we have it.

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