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Mass Effect 3 – worst game ending ever? sign the petition!

We reported before that Mass Effect fans were very unhappy with the ending of the latest title. Additionally, it would appear that Bioware have 689,527 angry customers on their Facebook site. Was the ending that bad? Did you play the game yourself and feel shortchanged?

Game writer Karin Skoog has a piece written over at Kitguru Gaming along with Petition information which you can sign, if you feel strongly enough that the ending(s) sucked. It seems that many people feel it did.

Read more about this over here.

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  • Martyn Roberts

    I’d not say the ending sucked exactly as if it is an attempted indoctrination and your choice was in a “dream” state then a 4th game or |DLC would be possible to fully finish the story, but the main hole in the game is that all the choices you’ve made throughout the game mean nothing at the game end ! Paragon or Renegade both ended up with the same ending which is really not what the Mass effect experience has been about ! its always been about choice and consequence !

  • Implied

    I read a Spoiler about what happened to Shepard – That much, it sounds exactly like him/her. Far as loose ends – I can only nod and say that sucks, as I haven’t played through myself just yet. I also heard the cut Anderson Dialogue however, and I can say, whatever they did use, it must without a doubt be inferior to that. I mean, there’s no possible way to beat that cut dialogue, which makes me wonder WHY it was cut?!

  • Tim

    @Martyn Roberts
    We want an alternate ending not alter it.
    Our decisions during the trilogy should mean something. That is why the Mass Effect is so popular.

  • 2u3e


  • Flapkonijn

    If i was gay i’d marry this guy. The ending sucks beyong believe. going through 1, 2, and 3, its just crap. this guy has some great ideas. seeing the qorians and geth build a home. watching garrus and sheppard knocking back cocktails on a beach looking at reapers sticking out of the ocean being defeated. anything else the crap ending bioware made must be better. hope everyone agrees. Cheers and waves Flap,

  • kurt w

    Is there any where to contact Bioware directly other than the one email to corporate to call them to change the ending? Also is there still a site to sign a petition to change the ending? It’s een months and all bioware came out with was lousy cut sceens, that suck horribly. It’s a massively dark and lousy ending that needs to be changed to fit renegade and paragon choices.