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Nintendo 3DS UK pre-orders up to £300

One of the most hotly awaited pieces of mobile hardware is coming to the UK on March 25th. The asking price is still pretty much guess work, but some retailers are asking for up to £300.

WHSmith, Woolworths have targeted the price to be £300, but they are saying that it could change anytime before the official price gets announced. Two of the UK’s biggest stores Play.com and Amazon are letting their customers show an interest by registering, but haven’t made any attempt to price it yet.

£300 seems to be rather excessive, especially considering Nintendo’s continual focus on achieving the lowest possible price points, we can’t see many kids begging their parents for a £300 device especially with the economy as it stands in 2011. Many analysts have guessed that £220-£230 would be the limit Nintendo will impose, but it seems that many retailers are just inflating the pre order price to cover their bases.

KitGuru says: Would you pay £300 for a 3Ds? let us know.

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