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Research shows women gaming more than men online

Well this might surprise a few people but apparently research shows that women are now gaming online more than men. In a recent study by Bigfoot Networks, 85 percent of the women surveyed who said they played games online regularly play MMO’s. 75 percent of men said the same thing.

The research showed that one in five female online gamers are spending 30 hours a week playing MMO titles, which is the equivalent of an online job. 13 percent of men said the same thing.

25-year-old Jennifer Berndt who uses the gamer name of ‘Dely’ is the leader of Thermaltake, a female gaming team sponsored by Bigfoot Networks. Berndt confirmed: “I know lots of women who play more frequently, and for much longer than men. They play competitively, but also privately with friends – because they enjoy it, rather than necessarily to win. The main difference is that women can still be very shy about their hobby, which means people are not as well aware of them.”

Hot gaming ladies, they are out there. honest.

“Gaming in 2011 is no longer the exclusive domain of young men – it is truly mainstream,” said John Drewry, vice-president of Marketing at Bigfoot Networks. “The social elements of MMO games and the accessibility of casual gaming in Facebook has made online gaming more popular among women. In addition, we continue to see growing demand for performance-oriented PC equipment from women who compete head-to-head with their male counterparts in leading online games.”

This survey was conducted in Europe and the USA among 800 people between 16 and 30. We still find this hard to believe, last time we were at a bar wearing a World Of Warcraft t-shirt, all the hot ladies stayed away.

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