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An unboxed white Xbox One sure is sexy

I know a lot of gamers don’t like the Xbox One and I know I won’t be buying one for a while, because who’s going to spend that much for a handful of average launch games? But that doesn’t mean that the limited edition white version given to those that developed the console, doesn’t look fantastic.

It really does make you wonder why this wasn’t the standard colour of choice. When compared with the black version, it just pops so much more.


This is what Microsoft developers get to play 20FPS Dead Rising 3 on…


And this is what the rest of us get:


Just not that impressive in comparison is it?

Kitguru Says: The only downside to the white bundle is that the Kinect still comes in black, which seems like a bit of an oversight when so much effort obviously went into painting some of the hardware white. If I was a Microsoft developer I’d be reaching for the spray can and masking tape right about now.

What do you guys think of this one?

[Cheers Kotaku]

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  • Jake-

    To be honest, if i wasn’t a PC gamer i would be buying a PS4, however if the white version was available for sale, id be tempted! Thats looks amazing! I saw some custom painted controllers and the Orange looks great too! They should of gone for something other than black. Just look at mobiles…