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Asda is taking PS4 pre-orders now

You'll need to shell out £20 for the privilege of reserving what at the moment must be the most anticipated of the next-gen consoles, the PS4, with Asda expecting it to be available to pick up some time within 2013.

Despite this release date suggestion however, Asda has noted that this is just speculation and the date may change in the future. “The current expected date of release made by Sony is Christmas 2013,” reads the statement (via CVG). “Asda make no Guarantees that this is correct or will not change and Asda shall not be held responsible if Sony change or delay the release date of the Sony PlayStation 4 in the UK and or limit stock.”

Despite the PS4 being announced and unveiled ages ago, this is still the best hardware shot we have. 

End of 2013 is the kind of time we expected the PS4 to land, around the same time frame as the Xbox, Microsoft's next-gen system, which as far as we know, will be available in November.

KitGuru Says: Putting the PS4 up for preorder makes Asda the first supermarket to do so, though it seems likely that other chains will quickly follow suit, as if anyone is putting down money for a console we still don't know everything about, they'll want a piece of it.

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