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Here’s how Xbox One achievements are changing

We already talked about Microsoft adding achievements to its Xbox One for simply watching TV, but that isn't the only changeup it'll be making. It'll also be introducing challenges that transcend individual games, can be temporary or long term and even unlock new content.

Challenges are not just your regular achievement unlock for extra gamer score, they can give you the chance to unlock new skins, maps, artwork, new characters and more. These challenges might only be available for a short time too – as Kotaku points out, perhaps a “headshot weekend,” where as a group, players of the game may need to get a certain number of headshots between them. Those that take part would all be rewarded if the goal is reached.

With challenges being handled in the cloud, it'll also be possible to make new achievements for games outside of their usual release and DLC follow ups. This could mean new challenges for games that are years old as well as new ones. Achievements could even be spread across several games, thereby making for a greater challenge.

“Gotta achievement them all,” doesn't have quite the same ring to it. Source: IGN

And of course, yes the TV achievements are coming in. “Watch the new episode of blah,” or “sit through marathons of X.” These won't contribute to your gamer score, but they might unlock other challenges for you to complete.

KitGuru Says: Even achievements wouldn't make me want to watch Big Bang Theory. If you enjoy that show, we can't be friends anymore. 

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