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Microsoft’s new Xbox reward system explained

Confused about how the world will continue to spin on its axis without Microsoft points? So are many other Xbox gamers, but don't stay out in the cold, come over by the fire and we'll tell you all about the new reward scheme Microsoft is cooking up.

In this brave new world of real money transactions on Xbox Live, Microsoft is maintaining a points system, but it's a loyalty one. Now, when you renew your gold account, buy games digitally, or perform a variety of other online tasks, you'll be granted a number of online credits. When you hit the 5,000 credit threshold, those points will be turned into real world dollars – $5 to be exact – and added to your account.

This real world money can then be used in the same fashion as any other money you add to your account – which means you can't remove it.

You're probably thinking that this will mean a long slog of 10 credits here, 10 credits there but no, Microsoft is dishing out big numbers. Complete a map pack punchcard? That's 5,000 credits right there. Renew your gold membership? There's another 3,000.


You can even get cashback on your purchases, if you get your gamer score up in the high thousands, you'll be able to earn as much as 3 per cent back on every purchase. Granted, that isn't going to be huge, even if you spend hundreds a year through XBL, but it could mean enough to buy the odd map pack.

This reward scheme will be used on the Xbox One and Xbox 360, with plans from Microsoft to continue supporting its current-gen system well into the life of its new one – similar to how Sony has maintained support for its PS2 console until very recently.

KitGuru Says: Many of you will see a lot of similarities here with the current Xbox reward scheme, but without points getting in the way, is it all a bit less confusing?

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