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More Kinects sold than Gamecubes

When you look at the number of consoles sold in this generation, with the 360 selling over 76 million units, the PS3 around the same and the Wii just shy of 100 million, it’s hard to imagine that the last generation saw such reduced figures – unless you look at the PS2. To put it into context, how about the fact that the Xbox Kinect peripheral has been sold more times than the original Xbox or the Nintendo Gamecube.

This means that over 24 million Kinect cameras has been shipped to homes around the world.

Fighters Uncaged
Maybe I need to give this one a try? I heard it lags like crazy.

These numbers have been released by Microsoft as part of a big showing of how well the Xbox platform is doing – of course we know that the software giant is still in the red thanks to the Xbox – where we also learned that the average Xbox Live Gold users spends just under 90 hours a month playing. The total number of subscribers has now reached an impressive 46 million too. A fair chunk of the user base.

KitGuru Says: I’m quite surprised by these stats, since I’ve yet to try a Kinect game that made me want to play it for very long. The Kinect adventure stuff is just a repackaged Wiisports type of deal. There’s the dance games, but I’m a guy so, yea. I tried Rise of Nightmares and Kinect Star Wars and they were horrible, horrible games.

Any one have better experiences than me? What’s your favourite Kinect title?

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