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Nintendo to meet with UK retailers over poor performance

After a whole host of unofficial price cuts at UK retailers that are looking to shift their stock of Wii U consoles, Nintendo has pledged to meet with them to help assuage fears that everyone is going to make a big loss on the company’s new machine.

Despite the price drops from different retailers however, it hasn’t really made much of a difference. MCV is reporting a talk with ShopTo’s director of purchasing, James Rowson, who said that the price cut hadn’t made the desired impact. Other companies have apparently suggested they may reduce the amount of shelf space given over to the Wii U.

Nintendo has apparently been giving this a lot of thought though and during its meeting with major retailers next week, it says it will disclose a new strategy to help stimulate sales of the console.

Wii U Pricing
This sale price was spotted in the Stoke HMV by Twitter user AndyJames620

“We’ll be speaking to our retailers directly over the next few weeks to take them through our plans for building Wii U momentum over the course of 2013,” said a Nintendo spokesperson. “We have a strong and broad line-up of software launching this year and we look forward to updating – and exciting – our partners over the coming weeks.”

The Wii U’s sales globally have been pretty poor, with US retailers reporting 0nly 60,000 units sold across the whole country in February. Similar problems in the UK have led to big price cuts, with Asda and Amazon dropping the Wii U Basic pack by £50, though the cheapest at the moment is still ShopTo’s offer at £189.95.

That said, if you want to have the absolute best bang for buck, HMV is offering it right now. You can get the Premium Pack with two games – ZombiU and Nintendoland – for £199 in some stores, representing a saving over well over £100. However, that deal won’t be rolled out the rest of the UK until 25th March.

KitGuru Says: I just hope the price keeps crashing so I can get my Monster Hunter fix. Once that basic pack his £150 it’s mine.

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