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Now everyone is selling the Wii U for £149

Yesterday we reported on how once again, ASDA was leading the way in Wii U price cuts,bringing it down to an impressively low £149.99 for the basic pack and £199.99 for the premium pack. Now everyone else has followed suit, with other big retailers dropping their prices in line with the supermarket chain.

Amazon was of course right behind ASDA, slashing its basic pack to £149 as well, though as it stands the premium pack is still £287.64 – so if you want a Wii U, don’t get the premium one from Amazon, you can get it at nearly £100 cheaper elsewhere. Base.com however, went the whole hog and brought its basic and premium offerings in-line with ASDA, matching the £149.99 and £199.99 price tags.

Nearly £300? Come on Ammazon, catch up.

ShopTo, which had the first big Wii U price drop, has maintained its £180 cost. HMV’s huge offer of premium pack with loads of games bundled in appears to have disappeared.

KitGuru Says: More bad news for Nintendo, but perhaps this extra price drop will get the hardware moving? Maybe? Probably not. 

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