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Is Google Glass too dorky to succeed?

Google Glass has been getting a lot of heat lately. Whether it’s discussions on its abilities, or even just that people have already found a way to gain root on it, Glass is making headlines. But not everyone thinks this is the smartphone trend of the future, but more the segway of our past, destined to be a tech device of the truly “dorky.”

Drawing comparisons between the two wheeled motion device, pocket protectors, bluetooth headsets and Google’s new headwear, Wired doesn’t think the Glass project will go too far. It claims that ultimately, it’s the result of Silicon Valley higher ups spending too much time together. It’s not that it isn’t a convenient or useful product. It’s not that it doesn’t work right of couldn’t have some amazing uses, but it’s that it just doesn’t look cool.

This might seem superficial, but there are a lot of things out there that are useful but people don’t use because you just look too stupid while doing so.

These guys look like the cast of a Third Rock from the Sun reboot. Source: WhiteMenWearingGoogleGlass

But as one commenter suggests, perhaps it isn’t the geeks in this instance that will draw people to this technology, but those in other fields – like extreme sports. While few of us would look at the world’s skateboarders, snowboarders, motocross stars and think “wow what a cool guy,” because honestly, who’s brain works like that? – we may well look at the footage they make and want to do something similar.

Of course though, we’ve been able to record ourselves doing things for a while now – you just had to invest in a GoPro camera and a head mount. Or do what I did and strap a mobile phone to your head with a belt – I was doing POV fire spinning; what?

So recording ourselves doing things from a point of view isn’t the big thing with Glasss, it’s the always there, in our eyeline smartphone-like functions. But as unsociable as it is to look down at a phone screen while you’re around other people, at least they know what you’re doing. How annoying will it be when we’re not sure if someone is Googling away, filming you covertly or performing another random function while they’re looking right at you.

KitGuru Says: Where do you guys come down on this argument? Will Google Glass catch on? Or will it be a strange nerd toy like the Segway turned out to be? And more importantly, will Glass murder its creator? 

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