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LucasArts veteran hired by Google for games design

Google has hired a veteran of the videogame industry, Noah Falstein, to head up its Game Design division, presumably to work on a new Android title/platform/series – maybe even something that will run on Google Glass headwear.

Falstein has been in games design since the 80s, becoming one of the first people to be hired on by LucasArts (then Lucasfilm Games) in the mid 80s. There he worked on DOS games like Battlehawks 1942, though he’s perhaps best known for the Indiana Jones point and click games, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade and the Fate of Atlantis. And he did Jurassic Park Chaos Island, remember that one?

Dude has a rocking beard too

What Falstein is actually doing at Google though, what platform he’s game making for, what project he’s working on; it’s all completely unknown at this point. We can presume it’ll be a title built with the Android platform in mind, but whether that will mean something for smartphones or perhaps Google Glass, we simply don’t know.

TechCrunch speculated it could be something bigger though. Some grandiose project that uses game development to highlight other things in our lives or improve them; such as health or education.

KitGuru Says: What kind of games do you guys think Google could be working on? And why would they hire on someone with a career history like Falstein’s? Is point and click going to make a resurgence on Glass? 

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