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PS4 is the fastest selling console ever in the UK

The Xbox One might have sold well everywhere thanks to its worldwide simultaneous release, but the PS4 has only been here for a few days and it’s already selling like proverbial scalding baked goods. According to the latest numbers, the PS4 is now the fastest selling console ever in the UK.

How many have been sold? Around 250,000 according to MCV sources, which is a fair shout more than the Xbox One’s 150,000, as impressive as that number was. This also beats out the previous record holder, the PSP, which sold 180,000 units in its first week over eight years ago.

I guess Lady McCormick won the battle after all

Considering both the PS4 and Xbox One sold around a million units at launch, this should mean that the PS4 is technically ahead of the game in sales, since its original debut was only in the US, with several big launches – including the UK and the rest of Europe – happening a couple of weeks later. It still has other big markets to launch in too, including Japan early next year.

However, both Xbox One and PS4 have already outsold the Wii U in the UK, which has been out for over a year at this point.

KitGuru Says: Despite what the stats say though, I’m still thinking of getting a Wii U – though I need to save up a bit first. I did just buy a Rift after all

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