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Sony releases comprehensive PS4 FAQ

Sony has unveiled a comprehensive FAQ about its upcoming next-gen system, the PlayStation 4, in order to answer any ongoing questions about its capabilities, features or specifications. While the candid break down is welcome from anyone that felt Sony was keeping anything on the down low, it has confirmed some problems.

One prominent one is that Youtube won't be usable on the PS4 at launch, though Ustream and Twitch will be – thanks to their prominence with the sharing feature on the console. Google's video service will be added at a later date, though it's not clear when. Shared videos also can't have voice over added to them after the fact – you can only add commentary live while playing and recording.

If you're worried about random people hearing and seeing you play though, all you need to do is avoid the share button. If you do press it, the last fifteen minutes of gameplay could be winging its way to your Ustream account.

I shudder to think what the world might here me say if I had a “share” button on my PC. Source: Nerd

Blu Ray wise, you'll need the Day one update in order to play them, but with that small patch downloaded, you should be able to play movies without issue. They'll also load faster than on the PS3, as the new console features a faster spinning Blu Ray drive. Likewise, it's also able to install games to the built in hard drive in a more timely manner. Like the PS3 though, games will need to be cached – which makes Play While You Download a much better feature and highlights another plus point for digital distribution.

For a full break down of the PS4, check out Sony's FAQ here.

Kitguru Says: Constant recording of gameplay and voice sounds like as much of a privacy concern as Microsoft's Kinect. I'd like to hear from Sony how accessible that temporary file is. It better be stored locally.

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