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Want an Xbox One signed by Kim Dotcom?

It's still a week until the Xbox One is officially released, but even then you won't be able to get one signed by internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom. But even if you could get him to do it, that wouldn't help typhoon Haiyan victims as well would it? Bidding on this one will.

Currently up on TradeMe.co.nz, as part of the TV show, Seven Sharp's charity auctions designed to help raise money for victims of the recent typhoon Haiyan disaster (via Oxfam), it's the the highest priced item, but there's a lot of great stuff in there.


Scanning through the auction listings, you'll also find some jewellery, a signed gold club from Lydia Ko, signed boxing gloves, a hotel package and vouchers going at discount prices. The most bidded on item however, is a DVD of The Hobbit signed by director Peter Jackson. It's currently going for $260 NZ (£134.)

Dotcom's signed Xbox has a week to go, and is at $800 NZ (£420) at the time of writing, which makes it a bit less expensive than a pre-ordered console, so chances are that's going to go up a fair bit over the next week.

This is the second charitable event Kim Dotcom has taken part in as of late. He recently played Call of Duty against 100 gamers at the Digital Nationz expo, donating $100 to charity every time he beat one of them. Ultimately one person did manage to topple the recent CoD: Ghosts #1 player, winning himself a bunch of great prizes.

Kitguru Says: Love him or hate him, Dotcom does do a few good deeds. While the shipping might not be cheap and it could take a while to get here, any of you planning on bidding on the Xbox One?

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