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Possible Fallout 4 game teased

A new teaser website has appeared, titled Survivor 2299, with a countdown date and a morse code background message, that some people believe could be hinting at a possible future release of Fallout 4, set 19 years after the last game in the series: New Vegas.

The main reason for this, is registration data, which lists parent company of Bethesda, Zenimax Studios, as the owner. However, that's not concrete since it used GoDaddy as a registrar rather than the usual CorporateDomains and did so from Poland, rather than the the studio's HQ in Maryland, Washington DC.

This is all the Survivor site has to offer, apart from that incessant beeping

This hasn't stopped fan speculation though, which CVG points out suggests that the 2299 date means Fallout 4 will be set just under 20 years after the last game and will take place in Boston Massachusetts. The morse code in the background on the site translates out to “11.12.13,” or 11th December 2013. This simply ties in with the countdown on the page, which similarly leads up to that same date – roughly the time that the Spike VGA awards are expected to take place.

Another bit of evidence of the game's development comes from Fallout 3 radio host, ThreeDog (voiced by Erik Todd Dellums) who said via a tweet a few months back, that he had just come back from voicing a top secret game.

As usual though, this is all speculation, rumour and hear-say, so take it with a pinch of salt.

KitGuru Says: Fallout 3 was one of those games I never tried. I couldn't get into Oblivion back in the day and I heard it was just like that, but in the future. It's one of those ones on the to-do list though don't worry. I'll go back and work my way through it. 

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