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Overclockers UK launches new game-themed PC range

Overclockers UK is well known for its range of PC builds and today, a new category of systems are joining the ranks. OCUK is now offering PC builds themed after specific game titles, with options ranging from Fallout 4 to The Division and Hitman. More system builds will be added …

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The first big Fallout 4 patch is here

We’ve all been playing Bethesda’s latest wasteland adventure, Fallout 4, for a month or so now. However, the game is still a little rough around the edges, fortunately, Bethesda is still working on it and the first big patch for Fallout 4 has launched today for the PC, Xbox One …

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How does Fallout 4 run on PC?

One of the most highly anticipated games of the last couple of years has been Fallout 4, ever since the famous Kotaku leak of 2013. Now, the game has finally arrived, bringing us back to the wasteland, but how does the PC version hold up? I managed to get access …

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