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Fallout New Vegas 2 referenced in Steam developer branch

Bethesda is unlikely to get around to Fallout 5 until the end of this decade, as the company plans to tackle The Elder Scrolls 6 before making a new Fallout game. This has left fans asking for Obsidian to step in and make a new spin-off similar to Fallout New Vegas. We've heard that Obsidian would be interested and curiously enough, references to New Vegas 2 have now been found on SteamDB. 

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Overclockers UK launches new game-themed PC range

Overclockers UK is well known for its range of PC builds and today, a new category of systems are joining the ranks. OCUK is now offering PC builds themed after specific game titles, with options ranging from Fallout 4 to The Division and Hitman. More system builds will be added …

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The first big Fallout 4 patch is here

We've all been playing Bethesda's latest wasteland adventure, Fallout 4, for a month or so now. However, the game is still a little rough around the edges, fortunately, Bethesda is still working on it and the first big patch for Fallout 4 has launched today for the PC, Xbox One …

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