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One modder has created the expected Fallout 76 experience in Fallout 4

Bethesda has divided fans of its apocalyptic survival series after it revealed Fallout 76 was to solely be online with PvP. More concerning was handing players the ability to set off nukes, provided they had the launch codes. One modder has now crafted their vision of what the upcoming title will be within Fallout 4, having NPCs chase players around like griefers and random nukes being set off intermittently.

Unsurprisingly titled Fallout 4-76, uploader SKK50 removed 95 percent of NPCs from the game’s rural areas and a further 80 percent in towns and cities to replicate the desolate feel of the new wasteland, to which Bethesda claims players will have to rebuild using the crafting mechanics. In place of these lost souls are NPCs that randomly spawn with one goal in mind – to harass the player.

Designed with catchy username-like handles such as “L33T PWNZ BOSS,” some will spawn in with the goal to kill the player, chasing them to the ends of the Earth until forcibly stopped. Others will simply hurl abuse. Given that enemy levels scale to the player, it’d be interesting to see insults become more, well, insulting, however this seems unlikely given the creator’s opinion on griefers.

“Occasional nukes are launched at you with a minimal getaway warning. Sometimes they land back on the Griefers, as they are naturally unclever,” says modder SKK50 to Dark Side of Gaming. “Nukes will not be launched directly at red workshops, so you can do some arts and crafts in peace if you stay close. Note as this is a B.E.T.A. some nuke warnings may be missed, but your player deaths are helping debug my free product.”

It’s clear that this is just a mock-up of what SKK50 expects Fallout 76 to deliver, however it is an interesting execution of the information we’ve been told about the upcoming title. The mod is available to PC users via its Nexus page, while Xbox One users can also experience the chaos via bethesda.net. Unfortunately, PlayStation 4 users are left in the wind due to Sony’s script content restrictions.

KitGuru Says: I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of Fallout 76’s concept from what we currently know, however I have to play Devil’s advocate here and remind people that the mod is not representative of a final product. It’s always best to wait before judging, however Fallout 4-76 is a fun mockery of what most people expect. What do you think of Fallout 76 so far? Does this mod sum it up for you?

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