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You can play Fallout 4 for free right now

If you were in need of some weekend plans then it looks like Bethesda has you covered as starting from today until the end of the week, you will be able to play the entirety of Fallout 4's base game for free. The Fallout 4 free weekend kicked off on Steam and Xbox just a few minutes ago and will last until 9PM GMT on Sunday.

This particular free weekend only includes the base game content, though you will be able to try out some mods on both PC and Xbox. Obviously, with Fallout 4 being such a huge game, even if you dedicate most of your weekend to playing it, there will still be plenty of content left over when the free weekend ends, especially if you include the DLC packs.

As usual when there is a free weekend, there is also a sale on Steam and Xbox, so if you want to keep playing after the free weekend, you'll be able to pick it up fairly cheap. Those who own a PS4 are going to be missing out on the free weekend entirely but Fallout 4 will be included in a PSN sale this weekend.

KitGuru Says: If you need something to do this weekend, then it might be worth giving Fallout 4 a shot. I didn't enjoy it as much as New Vegas personally but the game has received plenty of praise elsewhere so at the very least, it's worth checking out. 

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