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Fallout 4 is getting a GOTY edition and the Collector’s Pip-Boy is coming back

It has been just under two years since Bethesda first launched Fallout 4. During that time, many patches have been released and a good number of DLCs have been made to bring more content to the game. As a result, Fallout 4 will finally be getting its Game of the Year Edition, packing in all of the season pass content. On top of that, Bethesda is also bringing back the Pip-Boy collector’s edition for another limited run.

In Fallout 4’s Game of the Year edition, you receive the main game plus the Nuka-World expansion, the Vault-Tec Workshop, the Contraptions Workshop, the Wasteland Workshop, the Automatron DLC and Far Harbour. The game now has an Ultra-HD texture pack available on PC for added graphical fidelity. There is also PS4 Pro support for those that prefer console play.

Finally, Bethesda also announced that alongside Fallout 4 GOTY, it will also be bringing out a Pip-Boy collector’s edition in North America, giving you the chance to get your hands on a wearable pip-boy once again.

KitGuru Says: I didn’t enjoy Fallout 4 as much as everyone else seemed to, though I have been thinking about giving it another chance lately and checking out some of the DLC. Did any of you skip out on Fallout 4 during its initial release? Will you be picking up the GOTY edition now that all of the DLC is out?

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